At a time of nationwide lockdown, it seems fitting to think of the beneficiaries of the Saracens Sport Foundation’s Get Onside Project.

These individuals are currently in prison – either in Feltham Young Offenders, or HMP The Mount – and as a society, we are experiencing something relatable in our own lives.

Lockdown is something all society have in common with the Get Onside beneficiaries at the moment, but whilst we can go outside for exercise or to the shops, those inside are only allowed out of their cells for 30 minutes per day as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic measures.

It was from this that the #LockdownLetters campaign has been born. The idea was to get members of the Saracens community to write a letter to a Get Onside beneficiary so that everyone can share their current experiences of the national lockdown, and hopefully it also allows our beneficiaries to feel part of the Saracens family during this time.

Saracens Sport Foundation staff, Will Fraser and Calum Clark have already written letters or are in the process of doing so. Staff from BNP Paribas, Sir John Cass and Randstad, as well as previous participants in the programme, have got involved in the #LockdownLetters campaign too

We have now reached a point where every current beneficiary on the Get Onside programme has now received a letter or is going to do so in coming days!

Therefore, we want the Saracens family to get involved in their own way.

Take the time to sit down, right a letter to someone they are close with, or even someone they haven’t spoken to in some time, and send their #LockdownLetters.

Let’s stay connected during this time.

Stay home and stay safe.