Feeding Futures

Feeding Futures is a free holiday activity camp for school pupils aged 8-12, who receive free school meals during term time. The government, working with Marcus Rashford, have identified the seriousness and prevalence of holiday hunger, and have started to put provisions in place to support these families. However, there is still lots more to be done and there are other issues that can affect these families during the school holidays such as inactivity, isolation, and a falling behind classmates due to lack of access to educational experiences.

Feeding Futures aims to run a 4-day camp offering two healthy, balanced meals per day. As well as active multi-sport sessions and fun educational workshops where they can learn about topics such as healthy eating or teambuilding, at the same time as socializing with their peers.

For £15 you will be able to feed two participants for a day.
For £100 we are able to hire a trained coach or teacher to deliver fun activities.
For £350 will help provide two nutritious meals to a whole cohort of participants for the day.


 *Covid Update – During the lockdowns we have been supporting the families of the pupils who would have been attending the camps by providing them with food hampers*