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Foundation Matchday

The Saracens Foundation is pleased to announce that Foundation Matchday is back!

This season’s Foundation Matchday will be a little different this year but we still have some really exciting ways for you to get...

2020 Impact Report

The Saracens Foundation is pleased to present the 2020 Impact Report!

Our Impact Report showcases what we have done in the community over the last year but because 2020 was our 20th Anniversary, this year's...

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
- Mask
- A drink
- Hand Sanitiser

What should I wear?
- Comfortable loose clothing
- Comfortable dance shoes/trainers/plimsoles

Do I need to have danced before?
No! You...

#ICARE movement

For those of you reading this article that are not aware of the #icare movement, it originates with Bristol Bears rugby player Stef Evans. After the postponement of the 2021 Women’s Six Nations, a number...

How Can You Help?

Find out how you can support by visiting our Digital Divide website!

At our website you can find out how to:
  • Donate a laptop
  • Support the Saracens Digital Divide Campaign



As the Coronavirus pandemic forces us to stay at home, social inequalities are exposed and accelerated. Children and young people learning from home and accessing online lessons and resources don’t always have access to the...

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