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#ICARE movement

For those of you reading this article that are not aware of the #icare movement, it originates with Bristol Bears rugby player Stef Evans. After the postponement of the 2021 Women’s Six Nations, a number...

How Can You Help?

Find out how you can support by visiting our Digital Divide website!

At our website you can find out how to:
  • Donate a laptop
  • Support the Saracens Digital Divide Campaign



As the Coronavirus pandemic forces us to stay at home, social inequalities are exposed and accelerated. Children and young people learning from home and accessing online lessons and resources don’t always have access to the...

Feeding Futures: The Action

  • There is a NEED in our local community
What is Feeding Futures?

The Feeding Futures programme provides high-quality holiday sport and education provision for young people aged 8-11. The programme works proactively...

Feeding Futures: The Need

Holiday Hunger is an issue currently facing an estimated 3 million children and young people every year.

  • 61% of families are worried about where their next meal will come from
  • 66% of children on...
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