Despite being a shy natured yet highly active individual, Elodie (11) joined Cheerleading classes online during lockdown with Saracens Foundation and gained so much confidence that she not only got involved in our weekly ‘spotlight moments’ but she has also now joined Saracens Cheerleading permanently!

When catching up with Elodie and mum Susie, Elodie revealed that she has been taking part in many different activities online during lockdown but specifically enjoyed our cheerleading classes as it was ‘more challenging’ than other classes that she had attended before. Elodie began our cheerleading classes with her camera off, and due to being used to a smaller group of participants it took her a while to warm up to the large group of children on screen. However, it didn’t take her long to gain confidence. Elodie said “I felt like I was improving and I wanted a moment to show everyone!”, referring to when she decided to participate in our spotlight opportunity where everyone in the class watched Elodie while she performed her newly learned routine.

But it wasn’t just her cheer moves that were improving… When asked if she has seen any physical or mental benefits, mum Susie, who is a Doctor at the ‘Royal Free Hospital’, told us: “Yes I did. I could see she was learning new things, learning different skills, and using different muscles that she wouldn’t usually be using. She was also standing with her leg in the air and doing things that she wouldn’t usually be able to do! It was something fun and productive, something new, and something different – which was really nice to break up the monotony of lockdown!”. Elodie then added that the classes “made her feel happier, healthier and stronger”.

Elodie is one of the 150 children that were impacted through our remote cheerleading classes to keep healthy and active during lockdown. We are looking forward to welcoming some new faces to our face-to-face classes this term.

If you wish to join Saracens Cheer and Dance contact us at for more information or visit to book your spot today!