#endthestigmaPERIOD Campaign

The launch of the #endthestigmaPERIOD campaign, hopes to raise awareness and educate people on the impact of the menstrual cycle for women and girls within sport.

From the Saracens Foundation’s ‘Empower Her Project’ a future female in leadership programme in partnership with Shawbrook Bank, participants highlighted the need to address the stigma associated with the menstrual cycle within sport and the and lack of education on the topic.

In a survey completed by Saracens Foundation (2022) nearly 60% of women said they had experienced ‘period leakage’ whilst playing sport, with 78% reporting they had no access to sanitary products in their first aid bags.

‘‘Embarrassed, disgusted, ashamed – these were just a few of the words women and girls used to describe the feelings they had around period leakage whilst playing sport. The #endthestigmaPERIOD campaign provides a platform to proactively address the underlying stigma associated to the menstrual cycle and create really positive change within the sports community.’
Charlie White – Development Manager – Saracens Foundation

The #endthestigmaPERIOD campaign identifies 3 clear actions all sports clubs can take to support women and girls:

  • Add sanitary products to first aid bags.
  • Provide sanitary bins in changing room toilets.
  • Educate yourself and others on the impact of the menstruation cycle for women in sport.

Becca Shawyer, Marketing Events & Sponsorship Manager at Shawbrook Bank, said:

“When we partnered with the Saracens Foundation to launch Empower Her last year, we set out to make a real difference together, so it’s rewarding to see that a conversation sparked via Empower Her has led to the launch of the #endthestigmaPERIOD campaign. 

This important campaign will not only help raise awareness and educate people on the impact the menstrual cycle can have on women and girls within sport, but also highlights 3 practical steps sports clubs can take to support women and girls in relation to the menstrual cycle and the related challenges they face.

 We couldn’t be prouder to support this campaign which will help break down barriers for women accessing sport.”

Mackenzie Carson, Saracens Women’s Rugby Player and Foundation Project Officer for Project Rugby programme will be leading on a series of educational workshops to support coaches, management and players understand the barriers and challenges women and girls face within sport. The first workshop will focus on the impact of the menstrual cycle for females within sport.

Opening the conversation around the menstrual cycle and ending the stigma allows us to understand the impact it has on women in sport on a deeper level. Not only is the menstrual cycle a barrier for women accessing sport but it also impacts physical and psychological performance. Educating ourselves and those around us on this topic is crucial to improving the lives of women both in and out of sport and is an issue that has to be addressed by men and women alike’
Mackenzie Carson – Project Rugby Project Officer – Saracens Foundation

Workshop 1 – #endthestigmaPERIOD
Webinar addressing the impact of the menstrual cycle for women and girls in sport.
Monday 4th April 2022 – 7pm to 8pm
Click link to register: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/238/gq2q4um3
Cost: FREE