Last week saw the launch of Saracens Wheelchair Rugby Club – in Partnership with Allianz (SWRC).

We decided to grab a chat with SWRC Chairman, Tom Horey to find out how he got into wheelchair rugby, why it’s a great sport and what the club means to him

Can you tell us a bit about how you acquired your impairment and how long you’ve been doing wheelchair rugby?

​I suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) following a rugby accident that resulted in me breaking my neck and I’ve been playing wheelchair rugby for one year.

Why did you choose wheelchair rugby as the sport you wanted to participate in?

As I have a high-level SCI it means I have limited function in my hands, meaning there are many sports I am unable to play.

The great thing about Wheelchair Rugby is it’s a sport that can be played by tetraplegics like myself and moreover the points system means I can till contribute to the team.

I also enjoy the competitive nature, team ethic and fast pace of the sport.

What impact has Saracens and Allianz backing had upon the development of the club? 

It has allowed far more players to be involved in the club now there is more chairs. It’s also meant there is better, more functional equipment making training sessions more enjoyable and safer.

It also brings a prestige to the club particularly when going to tournament with our new kits and chairs and will also likely be beneficial in recruiting new members.

What impact has Saracens and Allianz backing had on your performance and participation?

Having use of a better fitting chair has encouraged me to attend training more often and playing in a chair that is more appropriate to me has also improved my overall performance.

What sort of impact has playing wheelchair rugby and being part of SWRC had on your life?

​Participating has been great socially. We have a tight-knit team that I look forward to seeing every Saturday. It’s good to have friends with disabilities as many will be going through similar things to myself.

It’s also be great for me physically. Being busy in the week I get little chance to exercise so it’s good to get a proper workout playing Wheelchair Rugby.

Why should people take part in wheelchair rugby and why should they join SWRC?

​It’s a fantastic sport and SWRC offers a fun, safe environment with no judgement for someone to play the sport no matter their ability or experience!

With Saracens and Allianz backing the club it’s a good opportunity to join a fast-growing club that has the potential to be successful.

To find out how you can get involved, visit the SWRC Page or contact