For those of you reading this article that are not aware of the #icare movement, it originates with Bristol Bears rugby player Stef Evans. After the postponement of the 2021 Women’s Six Nations, a number of people online commented that ‘nobody cares’. In reaction to this the #icare movement was born, with thousands of people coming together to prove that this is not the case. Social media has been filled with empowering photos of female rugby players and fans, telling the world why they care about their sport.

At Saracens #WECARE and we are committed to supporting the future development of female participation and leadership within the sports sector. We want to build the foundations in which women’s sport can thrive, whilst addressing issues that impact gender inequality.

Saracens Foundation in partnership with Saracens Women’s Rugby, have established a Women & Girls Steering Group with specialists from across the industry. Our mission is to raise the profile of women’s sport and empower the next generation of female leaders. This group will support Saracens Foundation establish the future direction of our projects ensuring we have a positive impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Laura Eddie, Director of Women’s Sport at Saracens said: “The birth of the #icare movement speaks volumes about the lengths we still need to go to ensure that women’s sport is placed on an equal footing to men’s sport. However, it also feeds directly into our strengths and core values and has given us yet further opportunity to showcase our incredibly inspiring sportswomen.”

If you are interested in supporting or want to become a Women & Girls project partner, please contact Charlie White (Development Manager – Inclusion) at

Meet our Women & Girls Steering Group:

Our Experts

Laura Eddie – Director of Women’s Sport at Saracens
Sonia Green – Vice Principle of Saracens High School
Zainab Alema – Founder of Stud in the Mud & Muslimah Rugby, The Sunday Times – Vitality Grassroots Sportswoman of the Year 2020
Steph Hanratty – England Deaf Rugby Union Committee Member
Dr Ali Bowes – Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport at Nottingham Trent University
Tamara Taylor – England Rugby Coach Development
Lara Di Ferdinando – Co-Founder and Content Creator for PACE & Graphic Designer for Saracens

Saracens Foundation Project Team

Charlie White – Development Manager Inclusion
Emma Wilson – Account Manager
Nick Gourlay – Senior Development Manager
Richard Symonds – Partnerships Manager