2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and the Saracens Sport Foundation have suffered like many other charities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a small community charity, we rely on face to face fundraising events and challenges, which have been postponed or cancelled. We have lost in excess of £180,000 in fundraising as a result.

However, we must look for the silver linings, and as most of us get used to this new ‘Work From Home’ lifestyle, it does come with some perks! Gone are the rush hour crushes, the bus stop queues and monster traffic jams of the past!

The Commit your Commute campaign is an idea to use these silver linings as a way of raising some much-needed funds for the charity. You could give anything from the cost of one bus journey to a month of petrol – it would all make a difference to the Foundation.

Covid-19 has posed challenges for the Saracens Sport Foundation specifically as we are a charity who work to re-engage the most socially isolated in the community, an aim made more difficult by the measures that are currently enforced. However, we believe that social distancing should not mean complete isolation! We have tried to adapt the way we engage with our community – producing online content; using the good old fashioned postal service to stay in touch with our participants in prison; and using technology to check on our most vulnerable beneficiaries. All the work we do has costs attached, and even preparing to get back to our normal delivery when the Covid-19 pandemic has passed provides its own challenges in terms of funding. So, when we say that the donation of a one-way bus ticket will have an impact, we really mean it!

Our projects – especially the ones without funding – are the projects that your donations will make a real difference to. See some of the things your commute could provide for the Foundation:

  • £1.50 = 1 x Bus Journey = Parent Respite for 1 of our disABILITY participant parents for 1 week
  • £4.80 = Return Tube Journey = The cost of a rugby ball for one of our rugby development programmes
  • £25 = A week’s worth of petrol = One session of Sarrie’s RFC for one participant
  • £50 = Fortnight of Tube Travel = One week of Sarrie’s Skills Club for one young person with severe autism

Anything you are able to donate, whether it’s your commute to work, or your commute to Allianz Park for a big game, it will have a huge impact on the charity.

Donate below to help us keep transforming lives in our local community.

Commit Your Commute Here!